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exploring different cartoon illustration styles; quite a fun challenge!

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This is the type of Jedi I would be

Nothing is worse and more hurtful than a happiness that comes too late.

-Ivan Turgenev, Rudin (via feellng)

Fleur Delacour, Harry noticed, was eyeing Bill with great interest over her mother’s shoulder. Harry could tell she had no objection whatsoever to long hair or earrings with fangs on them.


"The Third Task," Goblet of Fire

I love Fleur Delacour, okay? See the boy. Want the boy. GET THE BOY. KEEP THE BOY FOREVER AND DON’T CARE IF THE BOY GETS MAULED BY A WEREWOLF.

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Silent Stargazers by: Steve Perry
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This just seems like a really good idea.

I’d love to do this actually

I did this with my Girl Scout troop when I was in second grade, it was underneath the sharks and they are constantly moving so it was slightly scary but still amazing

It would be a shame if the glass broke

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fucking cuddle with me you bitch

Lauren Bacall c. 1940s



im sorry but i only listen to real music


Only B.C. kids remember this

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I’m a-list u little piece of c-list trash